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Affordable Hosting Solutions

£4.24 /mo

Business Plan

  • Unlimited Data Storage
  • Unlimited Data Transfer
  • 5 Domains Hosted
  • 30-Day Free Trial

With the increasing number of persons wishing to create their own personal web sites has appeared a bigger need for more affordable hosting services. Since there are plenty of hosting distributors providing web hosting services, the competition is immense and has caused the introduction of reasonably priced, but reliable hosting solutions on the market.

Hosting Options

There are different hosting service types: Dedicated Web Hosting, virtual private web hosting servers (VPSs), shared web hosting and free web hosting plans. Out of all these web hosting services, the shared hosting solution has allured the largest amount of customers, since it is both moderately priced and stable, without any advertisements and traditionally with numerous features. Each shared web hosting account on a shared server has to comply with specific resource usage limits. This allows lots of hosting account owners to be hosted on one and the same server without intervening with each other, thus reducing the price of the web hosting service.

Hosting Plans That Match Your Allowance

Plenty of hosting firms, including UK WEB HOST, have already begun providing unlimited bandwidth and disk storage space quotas. Different web hosting packages offer a different amount of allowed hosted domains, so depending on how many websites you want to host under a single web hosting account, you can choose between a number of cheap web hosting packages. UK WEB HOST's' hosting plans are inexpensively priced, fitting the phrase "budget web hosting" ideally, and you can select between monthly and annual payment periods based on your income.

Extra Bonuses

Besides providing flexible budget web hosting plans, UK WEB HOST also offers a free-of-cost domain name with each shared web hosting package. When examining our easy-to-use web hosting Control Panel, you'll be gladly surprised not only by the numerous features in the File Manager, but also by the extremely user-friendly web app installer and the site builder (Site Studio) coming with multiple web site skins. These 2 advanced tools will permit you to swiftly create a site from the ground up without needing to possess any technical skills.

Initial Easy Steps

Whether you want to create a personal weblog or a business web site, the Site Studio site building tool includes web design skins for both types of websites. All you have to do is select the web site type and then choose a skin from the many available. If you would like to build a blog, a photo gallery or a shopping portal, the PHP script installation tool will offer you lots of PHP-powered web applications you can make use of. All of them can be installed with simply a few mouse clicks without the need to read any installation instructions. All this saves you the resources you would have had to invest in web design services – if you aren't capable of building websites yourself.

Got Email If You Want It

All hosting packages already include e-mail services as well. Like other corporations in the hosting niche, UK WEB HOST also offers e-mail services. With our web hosting Control Panel, however, which has a built-in webmail system, managing your mail accounts will be much easier. You can utilize it to access your email box from any place, without requiring an email client – if you do not have such. You can also access your e-mail box account using any mail client, including Outlook and Thunderbird, or even via your iPhone or iPad. Whenever you are unsure about how to move on or what to do, there is an in-depth Frequently Asked Questions section with understandable step-by-step instructions.

Business Corporate Enterprise
Unlimited storage Unlimited storage Unlimited storage
Unlimited bandwidth Unlimited bandwidth Unlimited bandwidth
5 websites hosted Unlimited websites hosted Unlimited websites hosted
30-Day Free Trial 30-Day Free Trial 30-Day Free Trial
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